Easy and Wireless Home Automation

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Solution universelle ZigBee®


Whether for safety, comfort, home maintenance or energy management, all services offered by the universal solution CLEODE fits all your needs.

With over twenty years of experience in telecommunications, we put our expertise at your disposal to ensure a high quality of service like a high availability.

With this solution ready, the company CLEODE allows you to be independent in making the services you want yourself:

   * One click and you can turn off your lights, close your shutters, ...

   * Another click and you can secure your entire home.

Without Internet access, you can always access at your data and continue to keep the control of your system in real time.

With Internet access, you can manage, remotely control and be informed in real time of any important event.

Connected to the server WiBee, our Androbee manager allows you to view all the elements integrated into your ZigBee® network. Through a simple and intuitive interface, you can control all of your installation.

The CLEODE solution is 2 products in 1, for a local or remote management.

Our solution is complete, scalable, normalized and interoperable. One remote allows you to pilot everything, including products that are not made by the company CLEODE.

You want to save all your data on a remote server in real time
so our normalized XML interface is available for you.

Don't hesitate to contact us by email or call us at +33 2 96 48 68 18.